Bearshark home and Studio

Designed to accommodate living space, art studio and workshop, this unique building exemplifies the values of Earthbound Architecture.  Sited in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, this building takes full advantage of the spectacular lot, providing sweeping vistas of the surrounding hillsides and luxurious usable space packaged within a small footprint.  Every component of the design was thoroughly vetted for constructability, functionality, experience, budget and environmental impact.  All utilities and waste systems are handled on-site providing a truly off-grid, self-sustaining home and studio.
Taking advantage of the omnipresent Colorado sunshine, this building is a truly solar powered home.  Constructed as a design-build project, even the construction process was powered by the sun via a mobile solar PV array.  Integral solar thermal heating panels double as solar shading devices for the lower level art studio while providing heat for both domestic hot water and in-floor radiant heating.  A separate solar photovoltaic array provides all building power on-site utilizing the latest in lithium ion battery technology for stable, long lasting electric power.  An on-site well and water filtration system provide potable water, while code compliant composting toilets reduce water use and eliminate solid waste from the septic system.
All materials used for construction were researched to evaluate their life cycle carbon footprint.  FSC certified wood and engineered lumber decrease the environmental impact of wood sheathing and framing members while ZIP R-Sheathing provides continuous exterior insulation and air sealing for a very tight thermal envelope.  Exterior materials were specified for longevity, fire resistance and environmentally sustainable manufacturing and recycling processes. Interior materials have been carefully curated for high indoor air quality and maximum occupant enjoyment.  Three inch thick adobe floors provide a contemporary aesthetic while utilizing low-impact materials and providing thermal mass for natural temperature regulation. Even the foundation is formed from a specialty mix of concrete that includes 100% recycled aggregate and the highest allowable fly ash content to reduce the use of Portland cement, a highly carbon heavy material.


Boulder, Colorado


New residence and studio